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Natural Soap and Flowers


Our Story

Alma Body and Soul mission was to first create a skincare range that's natural, effective and free of harsh chemicals, all without breaking the bank. Alma was created from the inside out and started with myself, Gabriela, nice to meet you!

I’ve always searched for skin and hair products that were effective, natural, that smelled great. I’ve worked in the specialty coffee industry for over 10 years, what helped me to develop my sensory skills which came handy when working with essential oils now. Pregnancy also clicked me again to a sustainable, natural lifestyle, it was when I started studying aromatherapy. I frequently get frustrated with skin care products, so I’ve asked myself what I really wanted from a clean beauty skincare range. The result? I needed a solution that ticks all the boxes: effective, natural, elegant and affordable.

That’s how I began the "Alma journey".

  • Extracting the best of botanicals

  • Cruelty free, with no nasties

  • Proudly made in Western Australia

  • Products that nourish not only the skin, but also your mind and soul 

  • Aromas that carry your mind to anywhere you'd like to be

  • The fact that they are truly effective,feel and look great, well that's just a bonus

And we didn't just stop there.. The Alma family continues to grow with the development of the “Mum and Baby” range, because they deserve specific products made with natural active ingredients to protect and enhance their love.

Our philosophy 

Why would you care about what you eat and don't care about what you are putting into your skin? Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs all the chemicals you put into it. So beware of the ingredients used on your skin care products!

We believe they should be natural and effective, without compromise. That's why our formulations are sourced from nature and blended with scientifically-proven ingredients to create natural products that work. Simple as that and only added nasties. 

Our products truly and deeply nourish you body and soul. We break some skin care paradigms by not adding anything that is not going to help in the effectiveness of the formula, not even colors, or anything to only make you “feel” that the product is “working”. 

While we don't test on animals, we do test on us. Every product is used by our team to ensure it's something we would use before launching it to you. 

We believe effective, natural products shouldn't cost the earth. For this reason we use ingredients that won't compromise our flora or fauna, also we do our best to use only reusable packaging - mostly glass or aluminium - even though we carefully designed our logo to look elegant, the stickers are easy to peel off, so no excuse to not reuse! 

Welcome to Alma Body & Soul. 

Follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram @almabodyandsoul

Our Packaging Policy 

In order to contribute to a reduction of waste and commit to a sustainable approach within our business, if you are in Perth, we offer 5% discount when you return used packaging. Conditions apply:

- Because we sterilise and reuse the containers (yes we truly reduce, reuse, reclycle), packaging returned must be intact with no damage, bends, scratches or cracks.

- We will then apply 5% discount on your next order for the item that comes in the same type of container. Ex.: if you return a 50ml tin we will apply 5% off your next deodorant, hand cream, foot balm, whatever product comes in the 50ml tins.

- If your next order comes in completely different packaging from what you are returning, we will apply 5% off on the lowest valued product ordered, per unit returned. Ex.: if you are returning a 50ml bottle and you ordered a 200ml bed spray and a deodorant paste, we will apply 5% off the deodorant.

- Used containers can be dropped off at our stalls in markets or if you are located within the "Free Delivery Perth North West area" you can leave them on your letter box and we will collect them when we deliver your next order.

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