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Flower Diffuser

Flower Diffuser

This unique piece works not only as an aroma diffuser, but also consists on the final touch of romantic and elegant decoration for any room.

Instead of the reed sticks, here is the Water Lilly Flower which diffuses the scent.


It's coming a larger glass cube, with double capacity (140ml now) to last longer! Please see second image.


Spare flower available for purchase separately.



    Choose from 2 fragrances:


    Ocean Breeze 

    This fragrance brings elegance and freshness to any space, composed by citrus notes with a very soft sophisticated floral touch.


    Kaffir Lime & Coconut 

    This combination of citrus kaffir lime with ripe fruits and toasted coconut is perfect for setting the tropical summer mood on your home. This is a sweeter option, but nothing too sweet :)


    In order to contribute to a reduction of waste and commit to a sustainable approach within our business, if you are in Perth, we offer 5% discount when you return used packaging. Conditions apply:

    - Because we sterilise and reuse the containers (yes we truly reduce, reuse, reclycle), packaging returned must be intact with no damage, bends, scratches or cracks.

    - We will then apply 5% discount on your next order for the item that comes in the same type of container. Ex.: if you return a 50ml tin we will apply 5% off your next deodorant, hand cream, foot balm, whatever product comes in the 50ml tins.

    - If your next order comes in completely different packaging from what you are returning, we will apply 5% off on the lowest valued product ordered, per unit returned. Ex.: if you are returning a 50ml bottle and you ordered a 200ml bed spray and a deodorant paste, we will apply 5% off the deodorant.

    - Used containers can be dropped off at our stalls in markets or if you are located within the "Free Delivery Perth North West area" you can leave them on your letter box and we will collect them when we deliver your next order.

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